Interim Leadership & Strategy Maintenance

Artisan Consultants can temporarily fill gaps in an organization’s leadership structure.

This can be an effective way to maintain business continuity in several ways:

  1. Continuity of operations: An interim leader can step in immediately to provide continuity of leadership, ensuring that the organization’s operations continue smoothly.
  2. Bridging gaps: Interim leaders can fill gaps in leadership, such as during a transition period between a departing leader and a new hire, allowing the organization to continue to function and make decisions without interruption.
  3. Providing expertise: Interim leaders often bring a wealth of experience and expertise to an organization, which can be especially valuable during a time of crisis or change.
  1. Filling critical roles: Interim leaders can be brought in to fill critical roles that have been left vacant, such as a CEO or COO, to ensure the business can continue to operate and make important decisions.
  2. Cost-effective: Using interim leaders can be cost-effective as they are usually hired on a short-term basis, and it is also a cost-effective way to avoid hiring a permanent leader with a high salary.
  3. Helping with decision making: Interim leaders can help to make important and strategic decisions that may be difficult for permanent leaders or employees to make, especially in times of uncertainty or crisis.

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