Utility/Wireless Expense Reduction

Artisan’s Utility & Wireless Fee Reduction reduces fees without changing suppliers.

Utilities are one of a company’s top operating expenses.

Four out of five commercial or industrial customers are over-billed by the utility at some point.

The end user is responsible for selecting their rate; the utility does not have to offer the best rate.

For manufacturers, healthcare & hospitals, schools, universities, hospitality, municipalities, commercial property owners, general business owners & mangers.

Our Audit Team has more than  17 years of experience auditing utilities.

Audits:  Electricity, Natural Gas, Telecom (Internet, Cable, VOIP, Networking), Water, Sewer, Trash

  • 90% Success Rate in Finding Rate Reductions, Rebates and Credits
  • Focus is on billing, not reducing consumption
  • Contingency Based – PAY NOTHING UP FRONT!

We invoice only after savings, refunds, and credits have been received by the company


  • One month of invoices (three months of statements for wireless) and a Letter of Authorization (LOA)
  • $100,000 annual spend per year per location
  • Audits are completed in 4 to 6 weeks

If you need a partner who can help reduce your costs, streamline operations or increase revenue, let’s schedule a discussion. Book a slot with Artisan on your calendar.